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About us

LLC TRIVITA has been successfully working on the market of chemical raw materials since 2008. The primary activity of the company is the wholesale trade of high-quality polymer raw materials, assigned for various industries: rigid and flexible packaging, consumer goods, electrical, electronics, construction, pipes.


Our company sells raw materials produced in the following countries: Asia (China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea) and the Republic of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey.


The geography of deliveries is provided by warehouse terminals in such cities as Kyiv, Odessa and Dnepr; the company plans to ensure the availability of material in the cities of Kharkov and Lviv, that allows us to meet the needs of our customers quickly and to maintain the necessary balance of raw materials in warehouses.


The company sells expandable polystyrene (EPS, high-impact polystyrene (HIPS), polyethylene of high and low pressure (LDPE, HDPE), shrinkable polyethylene, polypropylene (homopolymer, polypropylene pipe), etc.


We are continually working to increase the range of materials and regularity of supply.

About the founder

Menshikov Yuri is a Ukrainian investor and businessman, the founder and the director of the company “Trivita” since 2006.


Successfully developing international market relations and trade in Ukraine, Yuriy focuses on the development of production in our country, as well as, enhancing the quality of the goods and services on the market. 


Being respected by employees and partners, Yuri is known to all as an honest, decent and incredibly positive person. Notwithstanding the business employment weekly and the number of meetings and business trips, Yuri always takes an active part in the life and development of the company and personally knows every transaction of the company.


The management and all of our team are extremely skilled professionals who are responsible not only for the unquestioning execution of all agreements but also for their own reputation!

Polymer products




Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) types :

Jiangsu Leasty Chemical Co., Ltd.  F-301, F-302, F-303, F-401

Wuxi Xingda Group  ZKF-301, ZKF-302, ZKF-303, ZKF-401



Polyethylene type:

HXF 4810H (Karpatneftehim)

LDPE 15313-003 (Russia)

LDPE 15813-020 (Russia)





Polypropylene types :


H 030GP/3 (SIBUR)

D30S (Tyrkmenistam)





KSR-67, (KARVINYL SR-67) (Karpatneftehim)

KSF-70, (KARVINYL SF-70) (Karpatneftehim)


Let's cooperate

Tel. (044) 503-88-82


Sales department

Alexander +38 (097) 097 34 37 
(South, East Regions)

Sergei +38 (067) 583 15 40
 (West, Central Regions)


03124, Ukraine, Kiev, Blvd. Vaclava Havela 4, of. 503

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